Nu er det første billede af de søjler, overliggere og relieffer, som blev fundet ved restaureringen af Abu el-Hagag moskéen i Luxor-templet, offentliggjort, bl.a. i den tyske avis der Standard. De blev omtalt her for et par dage siden.

Abu el-Hagag blokke

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En anden artikel (uden billede) fortæller desuden lidt mere om fundomstændighederne:

“The discovery was an accident, as the Egyptian restoration workers were investigating a fire in a mosque and found the antiquities present dated back to the new kingdom and the nineteenth Dynasty (1,304 B.C. to 1,237 B.C).

“This all came by accident as our restorers went to work on the mosque Abou Al Hagag Al Luxory that suffered from a fire recently, and we discovered that the mosque is partially built on the Luxor temple,” Zahi Hawas, secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities told reporters.

“We found a large number of pillars and reliefs that were part of the interior walls of the mosque and they belong to the new kingdom. They show very important scenes which will help us understand better the history of the temple.” Hawas, who was excited about the new discovery, called it “a rediscovery of the Luxor temple as a whole.””